Anthony Weekly: May 14, 2012

Anthony Weekly: May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post. Since two weeks have gone by, I’ll review my past two weeks, have two motivation tips, and have two more questions! At the start of May, I shared that I was going to try and do better at staying organized. It has been a lot harder than I thought to stay organized. Things just pile up and it’s hard to stay on top! In P90X, I only completed nine of my fourteen workouts. With midterms and my part time job, I didn’t leave enough time for my workouts. I was much less productive on the days that I did not work out. I’m looking to turn that around this week by completing every workout!

My success since completing P90X!

I finished my first round of P90X a little over three week ago. The whole reason I started P90X was to get myself into better shape. I ate better and stuck to the program each and every day. A big motivation for me was being able to help others by sharing my success. Beachbody really helped me help others by sharing my P90X Results Video on their P90X Facebook page. My success has now reach tons of people and my video has gotten over 3,000 views and hundreds of comments! Being able to show other people that yes, the program really does work, is an awesome feeling that now fuels every workout I strive to complete. Another motivational tool that has helped me stick with my workouts was joining a Beachbody Challenge Group. Let me tell you all about it!

Challenge Group keeps the motivation coming!

I really enjoy being in a Beachbody Challenge Group. My Beachbody coach, Wayne, asked me if I wanted to join his challenge group at the beginning of this year. It consisted of 6 people who were all committing to complete a full round of a Beachbody program. I set up to complete P90X, and with others to help motivate me, answer any questions I had, and give me tips, I finished P90X with great results. After each month, more people were added to the challenge group, and more motivation was available to me. Without this challenge group, I do not think I would have been able to stick with the program for the full 90 days. Seeing other people achieving success around you is a real motivator. Speaking of motiavtors, let’s head to our motivational segment of the week!

Motivational segment of the week!

Today we have two motivational tips since it’s been two whole weeks since I last posted. First, I found an awesome article on Forbes website titled, “6 Ways Exercise Makes You Smarter”. There is really no need for me to explain this article, just go check it out for yourself!
My second piece of motivation this week is a quote from my favorite personal trainer, Tony Horton. He posted on his Facebook, “The cool thing about P90X and X2 is that the methods and techniques are NOT debatable. If you eat right, show up and do your best while ignoring perfectionism then it will work! How many other things in life give you that?” I love this quote because I have found it to be true in my very own experience. I worked out every day for 90 days, ate healthier, and got results. I didn’t work out so hard that I was passing out, I didn’t throw away the cookies and the chips. I simply tried my best at every workout, decreased the amount of junk foods I ate, and added fruits and vegetables to my diet. Following a program is a lot easier for me than motivating myself to do random workouts throughout the week. P90X lays things out in a simple manner and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to get healthier. If anyone has any questions about P90X, please feel free to ask! Speaking of questions, onto the Questions of the week!

Questions of the week:

Again, due to my absence from my blog last week, I am posting two questions this week! My first question is about fitness. Do you prefer working out in the morning, middle of the day, afternoon, or at night? I have experimented with all four and am not quite sure which time frame I like better for working out.
My second question is about one of my favorite things on this Earth, food! When you need to grab a quick bite to eat, what do you grab? Some fast food? A granola bar? An apple? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! Have a good week everyone! If you have a fitness schedule, stick to it! If you don’t, make one! You’ll thank me later, I guarantee it!

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