4 Keys to Success

4 Keys to Success

May 8, 2012

Why do we fail?

We’re all guilty of it, being all pumped up to start our new lifestyle that ends up lasting 3 weeks if we’re LUCKY! But why does this happen to us? The excuse that someone is just “better at it” than us won’t work anymore, they’ve just been able to master the 4 Keys to Success.

So what are these 4 Keys to Success? Carl Diakeler, CEO of Beachbody, has spent his career answering that very question, because it’s also the key to his business. He’s found the answer, which is exactly why Beachbody is rapidly growing into an empire with their SUCCESSFUL programs that help people reach their goals and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, no matter where they are starting off.

The 4 Keys to Success:

1) Fitness
2) Nutrition
3) Support
4) Rewards

It sounds simple, but when you put these 4 Keys into play, you build an incredibly strong foundation that will sustain you for the long run.
Fitness: Speaks for itself! With P90X, Insanity, P90X2, Asylum, Less Mills PUMP, ChaLEAN Extreme, TurboFire, Power 90, Slim in 6, 10 Min Trainer, etc. there is something out there for everyone. Each workout contains enough variety to keep it interesting for years to come, and modification to allow you to dip into it regardless of your current fitness level. We have the the the FITNESS part covered!
Nutrition Another no-brainer. Each program comes with a special Nutrition guide that allows customization to fit each persons needs. In addition, TeamINCITE spends a TON of time and effort in helping our team fine tune for the best results. And the supplement lineup from Beachbody is simply unmatched for quality and value. No excuses here either!
Support: Now we’re getting our hands dirty. The biggest problem I hear from those who have given up is that they have no accountability because they’re “doing it alone”, and they don’t maintain the motivation to stick with it. They knew what it takes to reach their goals (they had the FITNESS and NUTRITION pieces covered), but did not have the SUPPORT. This is where TeamINCITE really comes into play, and why I feel that our team is able to reach their desired goals with the use of accountability groups and a “team” feeling.
Rewards: The ultimate reward in going through this change is our own health and fitness. But hey, we all need those little things that keep us going strong. Beachbody takes care of this with their Beachbody Challenge. Just for logging your workouts into the online WOWY gym, you are entered into a drawing for a chance to win $500 every single day. And if you get great results, you have more opportunities to win BIG. There are tons of rewards they offer to give us that extra incentive to push ourselves.
There is also “Milestone” rewards. For example on my first round of P90X, I said from the beginning that once I reach 215 pounds, I’m changing my hairstyle. It’s little rewards like this that push us, because we want to reach every reward! I know of a few people who buy themselves a few new pieces of clothing every 25 pounds. This is all well and good… but at the kick-butt rate you’re going, those clothes won’t last very long now will they?!

So what are you waiting for now? There’s no more time for excuses or procrastination, there will never be the “right time” to begin your fitness journey. The time is NOW!

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  1. Lilia /

    4 very good points! Accountability is a huge deal and its always great to have someone nearby to help you keep up with your goals. Especially when you’re having a rough day and feel like cheating on yourself with some cake or icecream is what it will take to feel better. Its NOT!

    I have very personal experience with what I’ve just stated and everytime I cheated I felt terrible and defeated. With the help of my coach and friends on the road to success with me I’ve learned to hold myself accountable and to treat myself with more respect and dignity. I love beachbody and support these 4 points fully!

    • Wayne /

      That’s arguably the worst part of cheating… not the physical setback itself, but the Guilt you feel for the next couple of days. A setback in mindset can be more deadly than anything!

  2. Awesome post! I wouldn’t have been able to finish my first round of P90X without all 4 of those “Keys to Success”, especially the 3rd one. Support was so crucial to me because I couldn’t motivate myself to workout everyday without the support of others.

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