Wayne’s P90X Results Round 1 & 2

Wayne’s P90X Results Round 1 & 2

Apr 23, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but my results are finally in!

Short version of my P90X story!

Since hitting my 20’s, I became more and more uncomfortable with my weight. Each year would pass and I would tell myself the famous “this one will be different”. When each New Year came up, I would do 10-15 minutes of pushups and situps each night. Not only was it easy to lose interest in a routine like this, it would never get the results I wanted… and the longest I went doing this was 2 weeks!

I had seen an infomercial one night on P90X. I was mesmerized at how cool it looked, but in the end I figured it would just be another fitness thing that didn’t work out for me. A few years had passed and a friend of mine told me he just started that week, and encouraged me to give it a try so we can be on the same track.

I decided to go ahead and order it, if anything there is a money-back guarantee if I’m not happy with it, right? When Day 1 rolled around, I was a little iffy on whether or not I wanted to start it or not, but I figured what the heck… why not put it in and just see what it’s like. It was by far the most intense workout I’ve ever done, but I just made it a point to go at my own pace, and get through the entire video. When it was over, I was soaked in sweat and felt as though I had accomplished something great.. and actually surprised myself a little bit. From this point on, I was hooked!

The first weigh-in was during Day 1, and I came in at 244 lbs. (at 5’11). My first week I lost 6 pounds, and then a steady 2 just about every week after. At the end of Round 1 of P90X, I was down to 205… a total of 39 lbs lost! After that I sort of did it off and on, and while I still lost some more weight, it wasn’t quite as fast since I would usually do up to week 3 and take a week or 2 off before starting it back up again. But then Round 2 came along.

Round 2 is when I started to experiment a little bit with all around better nutrition and supplements, mostly the P90X Wildberry Yogurt Bars and Shakeology (during phase 3). There’s definitely a learning curve to how to be sure you’re getting exactly the nutrition you’re going for (see here!) but I was getting better at it each and every day. But the convenience alone of supplements made them worth looking into for me, and they continue to be a major part of my daily meal plan. At the end of round 2, the final weigh-in came in at 174 lbs, the lowest I have weighed in about 8 years.

Now what would be a weight loss success story without the pictures! In the video below you’ll find some more details on the progress I’ve made throughout my 2 rounds of P90X. 90 Days, 90 pictures.

I’m currently working on Round 3 of my fitness journey, and still loving P90X. But don’t call me a success story just yet, I’m just getting started…

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  1. Anthony /

    Nice results man! I like the photo-a-day idea. I think I’ll try that out myself!

    • Wayne /

      Thanks Anthony, and it’s definitely a fun path to take. I learned from my mistake at not taking a bunch of good BEFORE photos prior to my first round!

  2. Lilia /

    great video! I’m trying to be more active on the site. Just know that I read almost every post! I enjoy the site and our community that everyone’s worked so hard to maintain 🙂

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